The HR Big Meet

For women in HR

Support | Development | Connection

May 2025 – London, UK

Are you ready for the ‘Glastonbury of HR Events’?

ditch the dull technical hr updates…

…and dive into a vibrant atmosphere that sparks connection and authenticity. Join us for a one of a kind experience where you’re encouraged to leave your job title at the door and be supported and celebrated in a room full of women who understand what it’s like in your world.

We think it’s time to shift the narrative.

It’s time to stop trying to prove our value to get that elusive ‘seat at the table’.

It’s time to claim our space as the people experts we are, and resource ourselves as humans in a profession when we’re expected to be anything but.

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The speakers all gave such incredible talks that encompassed so many aspects or HR as well as just being a bloody brilliant human. It was so relevant to us as individuals as well as how we are in the workplace. It invited space for the technicolour wonder of difference, individuality and authenticity.

– The HR Big Meet 2024 Attendee

Who is The HR Big Meet for?

The HR Big Meet is for courageously committed women in HR who are willing to invest in themselves, explore a different way of interacting with their profession, connect, collaborate and take every opportunity to help grow themselves professionally and personally.

Oh, and if you have ever been described as #NotLikeNormalHR, you’re going to like our vibe.

 The HR Big Meet is a perfect match for you if:

  • You’re an in-house HR professional (whether you’re part of a team or in a standalone role) or an independent HR consultant.
  • You value meaningful connection in an authentic way, and understand that vulnerability is the quickest way to achieving this.
  • You’re so over competition, and you’re ready to cheerlead and celebrate others (and be celebrated in return).
  • You’re seeking inspiration and a reminder of why you went into HR in the first place.
  • You know that our workplaces are ripe for change, and are chomping at the bit to resource yourself properly to be the driving force, sustainably.

Join us at The HR Big Meet and immerse yourself in a transformative experience that will elevate your professional and personal life.

It wasn’t like anything I have been to before! I enjoyed the theme and learning how to put myself first. I felt like I was in a room of innovators and this is something that is important to me as an HR professional.

– The HR Big Meet 2024 Attendee


Want to see what it’s like?

grab your 2024 recordings here for just £99!

includes 8 talks from a variety of women in and around the world of hr, the full panel discussion hosted by penny haslam (ex-bbc presenter and journalist) and our keynote speaker lucy adams of disruptive hr!